Connoisseurs from all around the world, eager to get their hands on a pair of premium bespoke shoes, flock to Florence to the Via dei Michelozzi close to Piazza Santo Spirito. The inconspicuous entrance to the little shop lies between an osteria and a street café, and the unobservant passer-by could easily miss it. But the humble exterior houses a spectacular workshop, in which Roberto Ugolini has manufactured his meanwhile world-famous shoes for more than 20 years. The Roberto Ugolini scent collection is inspired by this age-old traditional craft. The moment you step into Ugolini’s shop, you are met with a universe of images and smells: beautiful shoes are lined up on shelves, and supple leather exudes its scent, just like the turned and carved wood of the lasts along the walls and the countless leather oils, waxes and polishes. Maybe these olfactory impressions sparked Ugolini’s passion for perfumes. The German perfume expert and bespoke shoe enthusiast Herbert Stricker has been Roberto Ugolini’s customer and friend for many years. One day, during a lively discussion about the beauty of perfumes, the two men had an idea: together, they would launch a range of scents. Under the artistic direction of Herbert Stricker, who has years of experience as a perfume distributor with his company Classic Parfums, the high art of shoemaking was translated into the language of haute perfumery by expert perfumers. The compositions also artfully reflect the mood of the Renaissance city of Florence, where history is omnipresent and ever palpable. Roberto Ugolini’s perfumes are as timeless, unique and tasteful as his bespoke shoes. They emphasise the personal identity of the wearer and meet his or her desire to be different. At the highest standard.

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