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WikiScents is an independent voice for fragrance communities everywhere. We combine our original research and experience with the community experience to make the fragrance world better for everybody. 

WikiScents is the world’s largest site for fragrance enthusiasts and fragrance recommendations. Our mission is to help people find and share their opinions and experiences about fragrances. WikiScents launched in YouTube in November 2016.

Following the YouTube channel, and seeing the specific needs of the fragrance community, we decided to build a website – a place where we can see our friends' fragshelves and learn about what they thought of all their fragrances. My co-founder (and best friend) and are motivated by the belief that there is a better way to discover and discuss good fragrances, and that we could build it.

WikiScents is that site. It is a place where you can see what your friends are wearing and vice versa. You can create "fragshelves" to organize what you've had (or want to have). You can comment on each other's reviews. You can find your next favorite fragrance.

On this journey with your friends you can explore new territory, gather information, and expand your mind. 


A Few Things You Can Do On WikiScents


  • See what fragrances your friends are wearing in our FragWall.
  • Track the fragrances you're wearing, wore, tested and want to wear.
  • Check out our recommendation engine called Quick Search which analyzes about 20,000 fragrances to give suggestions tailored to your literary tastes.
  • Find out if a fragrance is a good fit for you from our community’s reviews.
  • Browse our large library of video reviews in WikiTube, which is linked to our channel on YouTube
  • Propose a new fragrance
  • Browse through our photo sharing service of fragrances in Wikinsta
  • Explore our Tips n’ Stuff were you can find anything from “How to wear a perfume” to our editors' articles
  • And much more.



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