G.O.A.T.: Baccarat Rouge 540

It’s been a long time since my encounter with Baccarat Rouge 540. The position I have now is that it’s one of the rare fragrances for which I am asked by the strangers what am I wearing.

If we’re taking glamorous and sexy, but also warm and generous, than Baccarat Rouge 540 does fit the bill. This is why it is at the very front of most fragrance lovers' drawer.

Baccarat Rouge 540 is a gourmand, woody and floral scent, spicy and fruity notes hit first – with trails of saffron and jasmine.

This is a fragrance that has the intensity of a floral vibe but without being overly floral. As the scent goes warmer and deeper, it gets more musky, creamy and smooth as the wear goes on.


Top Notes

Marigold, Jasmine, Saffron


Mid Notes

Amberwood, Fir Balsam


Base Notes

Ambergris, Cedar


So, if you’re after a top-seller, and you love a beast mode fragrance with a sprinkle of a true compliment getter vibe, than this is your poison. As you might expect, however, it doesn’t come cheap. But, than again, not many fragrances can claim to be the G.O.A.T., but those who can are the Greatest Of All Time.

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vicky22 at 16:38 on 21.03.2022 One of the best uni out there.
frenchblonde at 22:53 on 26.01.2022 I'll be completely honest. Due to all the people who wear this around, I don’t like the scent so there's that. Moreover, it’s very loud and potent. I wouldn't blind buy.
Mr.Kingsley at 22:39 on 26.01.2022 Got this as a blind buy because of the great reviews… It is grately synthetic and medicinal. Needless to say, I understand the devotion of many people to this fragrance. A very strange yet sexy scent. Great post.

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