New: N°1 de Chanel L'Eau Rouge Chanel


Chanel just unveiled the N°1 de Chanel L'Eau Rouge, its first foray into 2022. We took the opportunity to try it out and here's our take.  

First impressions: So what are we buying? If you’re on the hunt for a good aromatic fragrance mist, look no further! The fragrance is a perfect combination of citrusy and musk notes. 

Chanel says they developed formulas that contain up to 97% naturally derived ingredients and 76% from the camellia flower.


Opening: No. 1 opens with camellia and citruses which make the skin more radiant. As the fragrance settles, the red berries come through.


Dry down: Once it dries down, the finish is definitely smoother and softer, to something very feminine, to a nice mix of musk and iris.


Top Notes

Camellia, Citruses, Red Berries


Mid Notes

Jasmine, Rose


Base Notes

Iris, Musk



N°1 de Chanel L'Eau Rouge Chanel activities: Wear it on a night out in the fall or winter. Chanel says to layer it under your signature scent or wear L’EAU ROUGE on its own.


frenchblonde at 23:06 on 26.01.2022 I've tested it and in my opinion this should not be considered perfume at all. After wearing it for a few times, I can see why many people are disappointed in this launch. It is very weak and I could hardly pick out anything worth saying.

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